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Do you want...

Do you want to breathe more openly? Have better posture? Move with greater ease and feel like yourself again? Resolve a chronic or acute pain situation? Do you want your intentions in life to be clear and have better results? Many clients begin treatment with the Ten Series of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, however I blend other approaches to improve the health of the body. This work is equally an education for your body and for your self-development as it is solidly good bodywork that makes real and lasting changes. You will leave each session feeling lighter, more grounded and more in touch with who you are.


My work is client-based therapy facilitating your greatest health. Through Structural Integration, Cranial Sacral therapy, Visceral and Neural System work and Energy Healing, I help your body and your sense of yourself to respond to the innate ability to self-correct, to release pain patterns and come into a greater structural alignment and vitality. My work includes manual therapy, analysis of movement patterns, and therapeutic skills based in depth-psychology and spiritual transformation psychology.

My main modality is the Rolf Method of Structural Integration developed through the work and gift of Dr. Ida Rolf. The first "Ten Series" of consecutive sessions systematically aligns the structural posture and fascial organization of the body. Each session will release strain patterns that you have developed in response to an injury, a trauma or just plain living. As these patterns release, you move with more ease and flexibility. You will stand straighter and gain height. You feel more like yourself.

With each session, there is increased integrity in the overall structural alignment of your body. You may feel better, have more energy, with thoughts more coherent and clear. Often people experience a sense of maturation and understanding who they are in the world. Usually you will feel more connected to your body and notice that you listen better to your body. You may pay more attention to how you stand, what you eat, and what sleep patterns actually work for you.

I often work with clients after a Ten Series applying cranial sacral and other approaches to help you address significant personal issues. My goal is to help you to create a healthier, more fulfilling and balanced life. I have strong sense of integrity . . . helping you find your stronger sense of inner truth, inner wisdom and how to move and adapt in your life from that sense of truth self.

You are welcome to try one session to see if I am a good fit for you as a therapist, Structural Integrator and "healer type". Your comfort and natural sense of trust in me is really necessary for you to benefit the most of this type of work. You are engaging in a deeply personal process of movement toward more freedom, more peace, more self-knowledge and more health. These are really wonderful and important steps in your life. It should feel right!

Some Basics

My sessions for adults are about 1 3/4 hours in length. We will spend some time talking about your life and what you wish to change or create. I will watch you walk and analyze movement patterns. I will also "listen" to your tissues, usually through the sagittal suture of the head, to feel where your body has the greatest restriction. If I can help to release this compression, you will begin to move in new ways that are more resilient and adaptive. You will spend from 60 to 75 minutes on a low massage table for treatment, or sometimes seated on the table, bench or chair. After tablework I will again watch you walk and make some gentle adjustments so you can feel the new LINE around which your body moves and spirals. We adjust your feet and hips to help your body settle into a new pattern. We will schedule your next session and take care of payment. Clients typically wear underwear or swim suit or swim trunks for "Rolfing" sessions.

In terms of the feel of this work and space, I work in my home— a refurbished barn. It is a rustic-elegant Montana kinda thing! I heat with wood and the table is set up in front of the wood stove. The radiant heat is comforting, natural and alive. It's a place for you to let stress go, relax, and feel your body and your own sweetness of heart. It's a time to "hear yourself think" and feel your own truth. It's time and space to release old patterns that don't support your bigger picture of health, and time and space for something new to begin to crystallize in your being. You start to heal by getting to know yourself more sincerely and also by being witnessed. We honor the deep processes of nature, growth and that sense of inner truth through these sessions together.

Philosophical Thoughts on Body Work

The body and your life is a Whole Thing. The body, spirit, emotions, the things you think, the ways in which you move, are all part of you and you are part of a bigger pattern as well. "The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts." For example, you might experience injury or pain in one part, like a knee, yet that affects the entire body, including your emotions! Physically, a knee problem will affect the ankle, bones in the feet, create hip adjustment and possible nerve tension, possibly pull on an organ as the body tries to rotate or adjust or move around the injury. This in turn affects the spine, the neck, the way you move the shoulder girdle, and even the tilt of the head (the eyes must stay horizontal). As you compensate, the whole body is challenged to adapt. Hence in the Rolf Method Structural Integration, Cranial Sacral work, and other osteopathic-based work, the intent is to help the dysfunctional or restricted part to re-organize into the entire system of your body and your overall environment. Through this work I address the system of the living body which helps the entire person, YOU, resolve issues that you might not have been able to heal with other techniques.

The work moves from the outer layers of organization of the fascial system to the innermost core alignment through the pelvic girdle, legs and feet, spine, shoulder girdle and head. I work with every part of the body from the foot to the head because the body and you are a whole system. With the Cranial Sacral movement, I listen to what the late Dr. Upledger termed "the Inner Physician". I will sense what the innermost healing part of you needs to do to become self-corrective. Hence my "doing" is in coherence to a deeper wisdom that is built into the natural body. The more I "follow" your tissues the more you will feel a deep relaxation and expansion. Quite often "Rolfing" is thought to be painful, but that is not the experience of my clients. When I listen to the tissues and move in ways that your body wants, you experience a great sense of relief and peace.

In general with each session you will feel:

Please call me or write a message below if you would like more information or to schedule a session. Thank you so much for your time, your interest and your willingness of heart to grow!


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